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“Sometimes it Snows In April”- A Refugee’s Story

A Refugee’s Story-Reflections

Dear Friends,

I have not been surprised as a counselor in a long time. Having lived almost 3 years in a village in Ghana and 2 ½ years in Accra working with rescued girls from the atrocities of Trokosi has braced me…a bit. Yet, when walking with Him, expect the unexpected...

Having a rescheduled eCounseling appointment with a young lady who is a part of a partner program that also works with girls from disadvantaged backgrounds. Her issue…whether to date a boy. “I have a crush on a guy back in my home country.” “Awww, cute” I thought. But what followed was anything but.

*Mawunusin is a refugee. Her and her family had sought political asylum in a neighboring country after her dad, a community activist and medical professional, became a target in their home country in Southern Africa. But after their refugee papers neared expiration, and her father came up missing for over 2 years, she and 3 siblings and mother began to panic and were forced to seek asylum in *Morocco or Ghana. “We decided Ghana cause it’s a Christian country,” she shared. “But when we got here, we couldn’t get an appointment with the office we needed so we had to sleep outside going round to see if a church could help us…give us a place to stay, and feed us…”

I found it challenging to stay focused on her “issue” and torn between being “therapeutic” and awed by wanting to know more about this young lady’s journey from Southern Africa to Western Africa to Ghana and what happened to her dad!?...

“A Catholic church helped us, sent a lawyer to the government office and still had to push…we finally got our papers (after 1 year & 3 months), Refugee status…” she revealed. “…my dad had to move around with “sheep” (ship) and made it to the Americas. “What…he was on a ship!?” (I know from my own experience it can take 2-3 months for things to travel by sea). And this girl’s father was on a Ship, possibly as a stow-away. “Wow,” I thought.

Mawunusin put a face on something I have not experienced before as a counselor…the story of asylum seeking, becoming a refugee and the struggle for safety, security and attempting to keep a family together.

Interestingly enough, I have spent the last 6 weeks reflecting on the wonderful snow I experienced in Ohio and Chicago during my stateside deputation and travels. Never realizing that sometimes it can snow right where you are…refreshing, courageous and inspiring...Right here in Ghana, in April!

Thank you, Lord, for the humble reminder that Every girl matters, Every girl has a story unique to her own. And that Every girl is worth being listened to.

Thank you, Friends, for being the arms that not only connect these girl’s to God’s Love but also privilege me to be light on the other end.

  • The Sowing Empowered Women (S.E.W.) Program re-launched last week targeting disadvantaged girls 16-25 years. May those being reached and yet to, feel God's love through the program's efforts and volunteers

  • Returning to Ghana to continue my Calling has been a "leap of faith." I ask for your prayers of coverage from satan's flaming darts to distract my focus and hinder God's voice

  • That S.E.W., eCounseling and organizational budget is 100% funded by July 2022!

Thank you for your support and continued prayers!

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Peace and Blessings,

Rovaughna in Ghana:)

*Name and locations changed for anonymity (Mawunusin means “God’s Courage” in Ewe)
"Reflections" is a series of previous experiences not yet published.

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