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Never Abandoned!

Hello Wonderful Supporters!

Recently I awoke to the sounds of a chainsaw.  A rare sound here since most go it alone with machete or ax. Feeling pretty secure with “Bear” on guard I hugged my pillow just a bit longer. When I finally got moving and walked outside to my shock the neighbor’s tree branches were laying in my side yard. As I coordinated clean-up it hit me…there was a bird’s nest hanging low in one of the branches. I panicked for fear of what I was afraid to find.  So, I grabbed my hike boots, pocketknife, gloves and began to pull and cut away at the branches.  There…what was that?  I heard something…a muted “chirp, chirp.” To my surprise and relief sat a baby bird underneath the rubble in his nest completely intact. I couldn’t believe it! Moving it to the top of the generator’s cage I watched it closely for a couple hours. But Nothing! No parent bird to the rescue. Next step…google…what to feed a baby bird? Softened dog food. Fortunately, “Bear” didn’t seem to mind😊. Carefully placing it in the nest I watched for a few more hours.  Still no Rescue Squad! So, I covered the little bird with leaves as it began to rain, hard. It sat quietly.  I checked on him anxiously, through the night worrying if it was going to be okay.  

Next morning prepared to continue the surrogate help my eyes caught something.  It didn’t register at first, but there perch on the nest and makeshift leaf bed was the parent bird.  I froze in disbelief and excitement! For 4 days they were guests on top of the generator. The little birdie staying securely under the parent’s wings through the rain and not moving off the leaves when the parent flew to fetch food.  

Daily I watched this until one morning, nothing. The nest was clear. With mixed emotions I cleared the leaves and empty nest.  “He must’ve been ready,” I thought.

God’s Wings

Recalling this experience reminds me of how often we’re challenged to stay under God’s wings.  Life pulls us with distractions, conflicting energies, both positive and negative making us feel insecure and uncovered. The enemy’s strategy is to keep us distracted. The distraction usually resulting in feeling insecure and uncovered.

But God has a plan. Sometimes we don’t even see the inner workings of it, let alone how it will all play out.  The goal…plant yourself like a tree and stay under His protection til HE tells you to move.

That way, for sure, you know you’re ready to fly!

Matthew 6:25-27 Reassures us that while we’re tempted to worry, God already has us covered, from the small to the big.

Thank you for supporting this ministry that has served in Ghana since 2016 helping girls from impoverished backgrounds, modern-day slavery, and Human Rights abuses from Trokosi, Take FLIGHT!

Because of YOU and HIS LOVE we are Never Abandoned!


Rovaughna in Ghana:)


·        That online services for Girl Grads/After-Care Program continues to be fruitful until in-person programming can resume ·        The Girl Grads and I stay under “God’s wings” and remain safe during this Covid-19 pandemic and partial isolation.   ·        The well-being and safety of the Ghanaian people and expatriate community as the number of infected Corona virus cases escalates

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