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Happy Easter Friends!

God's Purpose for Me

Back in Ghana!

Whether you're new to this journey or have supported me during my 5-year term with American Baptist-International Ministries serving as the on-site Social Work Missionary and Counselor at the Baptist Vocational Training Center in Frankadua and Accra, Ghana. I'm blessed and honored to share God's calling for me to continue and expand the work in Ghana and throughout Africa under my non-profit, Esteem Resources Africa.

I pray that you will continue or join this journey with me.

Step Into Their Shoes

Imagine for 30 seconds that you have been subjected to physical, mental, or sexual abuse daily, nothing to call your own, and are being told what to do, when to do it and how. And you’re only eight years old or younger.

Right now, in Africa, there is a young girl being stripped of her dignity, identity, innocence, dreams, and hopes, forced into life-long slavery (called “Trokosi”) and unthinkable forms of abuse. Several years from now the girl’s family who gave her up to avoid facing the gods’ wrath, a believed curse or death, may still not welcome her back even if her release is negotiated. Through gracious gifts I have counseled over 115 GIRLS, introduced God’s love, and worked with many more while in Ghana.

Approximately, 98% of the girls rescued or released from Trokosi shared during counseling that they had no idea why they were turned over to the place this belief is practiced (Shrine). Living with shame, guilt, embarrassment, low self-esteem and cultural stigma, these girls often lack the support needed for life beyond the shrine. Though this practice, Trokosi, has long been illegal in Ghana, it continues to threaten future generations of young women and their communities.

Your Continued Support

There are countless shrines throughout Ghana, Togo, and Benin. Determining the exact number of girls who are entrapped in these shrines is incredibly difficult due to their rural locale, secrecy and the several generations of victims. As a Global Servant Leader, I continue to be called to use my compassion, skills, and professional training in counseling, and education to serve these young women, fostering and restoring hope, faith and love through effective and culturally appropriate support, guidance, and counseling.

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Esteem Resources Africa is a designated Non-profit under Fundamental Health & Community Development Services. Donations are tax deductible allowable by the IRS-USA. Identification Number: 562339918/501c3

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