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A "Reflection" of 2018

2018 has been an awesome year! I’ve been blessed to witness God’s healing power in the lives of the girls rescued from Trokosi; I had the opportunity to present our work to global audiences at conferences; and fellowship with other missionaries around the world. I’ve immersed myself in the local language, Eve. We established a partnership with the University of Ghana and I hosted our first social work intern – it is my prayer that this relationship will help sustain counseling services for the girls that endures beyond my time at Baptist Vocational Training Center (BVTC). One of the greatest highlights came in October, when I was visited by my Mission Partnership Team from Friendship Missionary Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC and International Ministries’ short-term mission director, Rev. Sandra Dorsainvil. Not only was it comforting to spend time with my friends and sisters in Christ, it was rewarding to share my Ghanaian life and BVTC with my friends.

Below is a summary of the trip that Dawn Maxwell, mission team leader, presented to Rev. Dr. Clifford Jones, Senior Minister of Friendship, at the annual general board meeting. I believe it will give you a solid glimpse into their mission trip, and the work at BVTC.

On October 21, I was blessed to travel with five phenomenal women to Ghana, West Africa. We were accompanied by Rev. Sandra Dorsainvil, Director of Short Term Missions with International Ministries. This was the first short-term mission trip of its kind, which was to experience the work of our first full time missionary, Rovaughna Richardson.

Rovaughna is working at the Baptist Vocational Training Center in the town of Frankadua with young girls who have been rescued from the practice of Trokosi. Trokosi is defined as a practice in Ghana where traditional religions shrines take human beings, usually young virgin girls, in payment for services or in religious atonement for alleged misdeeds of a family member.

It is really hard to put in words the enormity and significance of Rovaughna’s work. Her professional career path and educational background, with God’s anointing, has prepared her well for this mission. We experienced how she navigates thru her day. It’s not simple. We witnessed first-hand the relationships she has developed, not only at the BVTC, but in surrounding communities, which plays a significant part in helping her to relate to the students she is working with.

As a team, we focused on Galatians 5:22-23, teaching the students about the Fruit of the Spirit. Each day at the school, the students led us in devotion. Our mornings were filled with songs, prayers, dancing and thanksgiving. We had several sessions in which we shared topics on self-esteem, self-care, geography and etiquette. We also made bracelets with the students as a spiritual exercise. One of our really fun sessions was teaching the students the electric slide.

Our team was introduced to the classes in their curriculum, such as catering, fashion and design, weaving and cosmetology. The students were excited to show off their skills!

During our stay, two of our missionaries led bible study focusing on the book of Job. Rev. Dr. Cassandra Jones delivered the message at Sunday worship.

This is only a snippet of our experience. We can go on for hours talking about this amazing journey. We shared lots of laughs, tears, hugs, and created lifelong memories. We also had the opportunities to provide education in regards to ethnicity, as some Ghanaians referred to us as “white”.

We ask that you will continue to pray for Rovaughna, the students, staff and leadership at BVTC, along with the Ghana Baptist Convention leaders. Please pray for her strength during these last two years of this mission journey.

Thank you for your continued support of this mission. I pray that God will richly bless you and your family.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Rovaughna and BVTC graduates Benedicta and Dela

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