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Is the Doctor In?- Christmas 2016

Last week I began the Psychosocial History Assessments, basically getting background information on the girls. I am overwhelmed that 7 out of 9 of the girls I’ve seen so far have NEVER seen a doctor, dentist, nurse, counselor or anyone in the medical profession and I have over 20 more girls to go! Each of the girls has voiced either pains in the stomach, asthma, headaches or menstrual related. One girl shared that she cries when her head hurts. When I asked her how often that occurs? “Every morning!” she replied. It is also clear that many experience what I’ve heard them refer to as “heart pains,” issues of grief, loss, sadness. Most of the girls so far have experienced the loss of 1 or both parents and possibly a sibling. It was a humbling experience the other day to ask one girl who was rescued from the Trokosi shrine her birth date and with quiet shame replied “I don’t know…it was a Friday in February.”

So armed with the year of birth, calendar on the laptop…she and I proceeded to “pick her a Birthday!” “I like the 16th!” she responded. “So the 16th of February shall be your Birthday” I said smiling! She beamed!!

It is without a doubt that the Lord has already provided what is needed. That the resources required are already destined. That is His promise. I am sure that I will see His graciousness amongst the land of the living. I ask for your prayers of strength, compassion and advocacy during this Holiday Season!

Remember…it is SOMEONE’S Birthday…Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

Merry Christmas from Hot Ghana!

Thank you for your care & support!:)

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“I  have been praying  for  25 years  that  we would have our  own global  missionary. We will celebrate our first full-time global missionary with Rovaughna Richardson.”  

Rev. Dr. Clifford A.Jones, Sr., Friendship Missionary Baptist Church