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Becoming Ghana.."The Wait"- Dec 2016

(Rovaughna in Ghana “Reflections”- A previously written unpublished journal)

It has been a blessing as God has used this initial time to grow me, plant seeds, smooth the foundation for this ministry. I continue to reside outside of my intended apartment in Juapong at a guesthouse down the street. Final preparations continue as area road construction cut water pipes, impacted running water

to the apartment and final details to make the apartment “ready".

Yet, the “wait” has opened opportunities. Locals and guesthouse staff help me practice my Ewe alphabet, take me through the market, and allow me to extend invitations to local businesses to present to the students at BVTC in Frankadua (20 minutes from Juapong). Even open windows to spread news about this ministry in the community as I have been invited and attended the Presbyterian Church of Ghana-Juapong, Bible Study at the Jehovah Witness place of worship, the Methodist Church of Ghana-Juapong and St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church.

View from my apartment.

Thank you God for Your Perfect timing, the opened doors and All those who care and will come to care about this ministry to rescue, heal and rehabilitated victims of Trokosi!

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