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DID YOU KNOW?…Breaking Down Modern Day Slavery

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Breaking Down Modern Day Slavery

Human Trafficking = Modern day Slavery (Trokosi/Involuntary Servitude)

*One (1) Female victim can earn $5,200.00 per week

*Two (2) Female victims can earn $588,000.00 a year

*Five (5) Female victims can earn $837,200.00 a year

*Forty-eight (48) men “customers” in a 12 hour day

Sometimes what may look like prostitution may actually be something more. So what makes it human trafficking? When the person (victim) 18 years or older engaging in the act or trade is either being:

  1. **Forced – act of violence , rape or beating

  2. **Coerced – threats of harm

  3. Fraud element – person promised a better life, love/marriage

Example: When a “pimp” uses 1 of the above, it then turns from prostitution to trafficking and from “pimp” to Trafficker

The exception-if the person engaged in prostitution is under 18 years old, then it’s considered trafficking whether fraud, coercion or force is involved.

Example: June 2013- 3 girls rescued after almost 10 years of captivity/enslavement in Cleveland, Ohio

2 Types of Human Trafficking

1.Labor - common in Africa

  1. Use of fraud, coercion to recruit, transport or involuntary servitude Example; nanny or a **Trokosi “wife of the gods”

2.Sex – person induced by 1 of the 3 elements when under 18 years old or Commercial sex act (sexual act which anything of value is given to or received by any person)

Spiritual and emotional challenge of victims:

*May blame themselves, have symptoms similar to Stockholm Syndrome in which they may develop loyalties &/or positive feelings to the trafficker

*Fear and distrust of the police, health providers, government-may think they will be arrested or deported *Low self-belief, feel stuck or do not believe can do anything except sex or serve, feel trapped

**Trokosi: The process begins when someone commits a crime, or any act that is considered to be an affront to the gods. In order to avoid facing the gods’ wrath, the offender’s family members must give up a young virgin daughter, usually between ages 8 and 12, who will be forced to serve at a nearby shrine to the gods for the rest of her life. If she tries to escape and return to her family, the village will stone her to death. (Force and coercion exist in this process).

Adapted from: International Ministries, Slavery in Ghana, January 2015, Human Trafficking and Street-based Prostitution Seminar, Johnson C. Smith University, November 2011, Dave Dawson, Dept. of Justice and Kelly Harrison, Special Agent, Homeland Security.

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