• Rovaughna Richardson

Strike up the Band!


Sometimes life will deliver the wings of butterflies to carry you away. Other times it will bring about sling shots to help you chip down the mountain in order for you to reach your goals. Then there's other times in which it will bring about something totally different. That is what I have been blessed with! I would like to introduce to you to "Ro's Rock Stars!" Though that is not the official name of the band, it is what they feel like to me. These ladies, my MPT (Missionary Partnership Team) have been as soft as butterflies, as strong as goliath and as fantastic as sitting in the front row of your favorite artist!

Cynthia Thomas; Convener, Edwarde Moise; Financial Advocate, Shantika Brockington; Communications Advocate/Web Designer, and Rev. Dr. Cassandra Jones; Pastoral Care Advocate (not pictured) have provided me with the melody to keep drumming along this "Quest to Heal Victims of Trokosi."

The weekend of June 5-7th we had the good fortunate to participate in MPT Orientation hosted at Cynthia's relaxing home. Many thoughts, ideas and laughs were exchanged the entire weekend as International Ministries' Ruthie Stevenson led the training. Ruthie also attended services with us at my home church of Friendship Missionary Baptist Church as well as an entertaining brunch complete with Red Velvet waffles at Terrace Café both in Charlotte, NC. We also had the opportunity to learn more about an enthusiastic and committed Evangelist, Billy Graham at the Billy Graham Library.

MPT-Orientation-Hard at work.jpg
Rovaughna & Ruthie at BG Library.JPG

In all it was a fulfilling exchange that left us all inspired, informed and ready to "strike up the band" for God and the work He is doing and will continue to do in Frankadua, Ghana and around the world!

MPT-Orientation Brunch.jpg

If you or your church group is interested in learning more about how to partner on the "Quest to Heal Victims of Trokosi" through a speaking/pictorial presentation please contact me at: r.richardson@international ministries. org.


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