Baptist Vocational Training Center Graduation ceremony. Over 200 women have graduated and started new lives thanks to

the BVTC and donations received.

Heal Victims of Trokosi: Slavery in Ghana

American Baptist - International Ministries (IM) has partnered with The Baptist Vocational Training Center (BVTC) founded by The Ghana Baptist Convention to rescue the victims of this inhumane practice. The center offers a 3 year residential rehabilitation program for victims. The goal of the program is to help the women recover from their traumatic experience and learn to be independent, able to support themselves, and adapt to a normal life. In addition to basic education and personal care, the women are taught skills in sewing, hair dressing, and cooking. Upon completion of their 3rd year the women graduate with their specialized skill and funding to start their own businesses as entrepreneurs. 


For the first time, BVTC would like to expand the program to meet the need for psychological rehabilitation. Rovaughna Richardson, has been endorsed by IM to serve as an onsite Social Worker and instructor for 4 years. Rovaughna will help the women address their mental and emotional wounds to better ensure their ability to sustain sound emotional and mental health upon graduation.


Over 200 women have graduated from the rehabilitation center. Your help is needed to continue this quest and to offer this much needed expansion of mental health services. Click here to make a tax-deductible donation.