“Catching Rain”…How YOU Helped Give Children Daily Water!

Dear Friends, Bear and I recently made the 2.5 hours journey from our village, Juapong to our new place in the capital, Accra. The move, the new sounds, new people, and new ministry have me pretty full and apparently Bear too! The real blessings have come in relationships. For the past 2.5 years I have watched the daycare centre in front of my old apartment in Juapong catch rainwater via a method called “Rain Harvesting.” (Check out My YouTube video “ to see how; “Catching Rain” at: Meaning whenever it rains they catch it in large containers. Then use the rainwater for drinking, cooking during lunch time and sometimes even bathing some of the children. Quite cre

“I  have been praying  for  25 years  that  we would have our  own global  missionary. We will celebrate our first full-time global missionary with Rovaughna Richardson.”  

Rev. Dr. Clifford A.Jones, Sr., Friendship Missionary Baptist Church