God's Call - It Ain't Always Easy...

They stood around a close, tight circle in the Counseling “Shack” with me seated in the middle. Sweating and emotional in the non-air-conditioned space in the Ghana heat. Some holding my hands, others touching my shoulders and yet others brushing my hair. There I sat, bellowing out a deep cry, gut-level. Almost embarrassing. Yet, encouraged by the Logistics and Discovery Team (LDT) made of my Mission Partnership Team (MPT) and Core Volunteers all from my home church, Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, Charlotte, NC. Along w/Rev. Sandra Dorsainvil, IM Short-term Missions Director. In that moment I felt vulnerable, yet relieved and safe. “Rev. Sandra” led the prayers; lifting me up, the

“I  have been praying  for  25 years  that  we would have our  own global  missionary. We will celebrate our first full-time global missionary with Rovaughna Richardson.”  

Rev. Dr. Clifford A.Jones, Sr., Friendship Missionary Baptist Church