2-Years Serving in West Africa-Rovaughna in Ghana!

Dear Supporting Friends! A Big THANK YOU for continuing on this journey with me!! Did you know I have a favorite tree here in Ghana? Pictures don’t seem to do it justice. It’s pretty magnificent! Commanding in its presence. It catches my eyes most days when I’m at my desk in the BVTC Counseling Centre. It must be over 100 years old. All the other trees simply dwarf around it. I remember spotting it during my first trip to Ghana, February 2016 for the Vision & Discovery Trip. I recall taking a picture of it then as well. I believe our God is much like that tree. Commanding in His Presence, sturdy, dwarfing all that is around yet refusing to shout for attention but rather simply…being.

“I  have been praying  for  25 years  that  we would have our  own global  missionary. We will celebrate our first full-time global missionary with Rovaughna Richardson.”  

Rev. Dr. Clifford A.Jones, Sr., Friendship Missionary Baptist Church