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Esteem Resources Africa

Founder/CEo/Global Servant Leader

Ghana, West Africa 

Rovaughna Richardson, Licensed Professional Counselor, has been living in Ghana since 2016 and has worked for American Baptist-International Ministries, in partnership with Ghana Baptist Convention to serve as Social Work Missionary and Trainer. Now, a Global Servant Leader and Founder of Esteem Resources Africa, Rovaughna helps former Trokosi (victims of ritual servitude) and disadvantaged young ladies address their mental and emotional wounds to better ensure their ability to sustain sound emotional and mental health while building business skills and creating vocational opportunities.

What is Trokosi? 

In Ghana, young women can be forced to become a Ttrokosi, "a wife of the gods" extorted to a life of labor and sexual servitude to the shrine priests. The young girl, usually between the age of 8 and 12 (but as young as 9 months old), is chosen and given to the gods as pardon for an offense committed by another family member. The offender's family must give up the young virgin who will be forced to spend the rest of her life as a slave to the priest or be stoned to death by her village. Although the practice became illegal in 1998 this tradition still takes place in the Volta region of Ghana. There is an estimate of over 2000 women still captive. Learn more about my mission and how you can help



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